Complaint: Rude Manager

on 09 May 2022 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Purchased a 2A meal W a dr pepper drink, plus (2) 10 piece nuggets. Paid for my order at window 1, went to window 2 to receive my order and worker handed me a medium drink with no ice ! I said what is this, he said your order, i said i didn’t order my drink with no ice and i handed him back the drink. He reach for an empty cup and put 5 pieces of ice cubes in it and attempted to hand it to me. I ask to speak with manager, which her name she stated was Malika ! She was no better she stated ice machine didn’t always work so you may or may not get ice. I said i want what i pay for, she then said while closing window, oh you getting an attitude. She stated get an attitude and i would not get no service i would get window closed in my face. I ask for her name and told her i was reporting this incident she just closed window. But this entire incident, i recorded on my iphone. This is not a manager that is for McDonalds, she is rude and needs to be retrained or replaced. Future customers of McDonald, start recording once you place your order, if enough unsatisfied customers post these recorded encounters on FB, we the public may see improvement at McDonald !!!!! Remember is the public that keeps McDonald open !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Suggested solution:

Malika, at McDonalds on 5000 Fayetteville Road NC 28358, 910-674-4221, she should be retrained or replace.

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