Complaint: Racism of African American

on 11 December 2020 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

My daughter worked for Austin (District Manager) and she was also under Tina Hobbs (Training General Manager) and Vonda (General Manager). There has been ongoing picking at the African American kids by Tina which has caused four of the kids quitting to include my daughter. The young adults have voiced their concerns several times to both Austin and Vonda and was told Tina’s not going anywhere so y’all can either leave or respect her.
On 12102020 I received a call from my daughter who informed me she was being picked on by Tina who told her she needed to take off her jacket because she felt as though she (my daughter) was warm and it was in policy. My daughter has been wearing this same black jacket to work every day. The jacket is solid black with no writing or emblems on it. I instructed my daughter to just take the jacket off and go back to work. Later that morning (11:30 AM) my daughter called me again informing me that Tina told Caitlyn (Shift Manger) Taylor is going to end up getting herself fired today. Caitlyn went back and told Taylor what Tina said. I asked my daughter what happened and why would Tina say something like that. Taylor (daughter) informed me she didn’t know and was very upset about it.
I (mother) went to McDonalds to speak with both Austin and Tina but was only able to speak with Austin. I asked Austin about the incident with the black jacket and Austin stated to me It was all a misunderstanding, we’ve taken care of it. I asked Austin if my daughter was allowed to wear the jacket. Austin stated to me yes, it was a misunderstanding. I then asked Austin about Tina making the comment Taylor is going to end up getting herself fired today. Austin stated to me who said that, Taylor’s not getting fired. I informed Austin that’s what Tina told Caitlyn who then went back and told Taylor and I just want to know what Taylor did for Tina to say such a thing. I informed Austin all of the African American kids are being picked on by Tina and he’s aware of it because the kids have spoke with him and Vonda about it. Austin stated to me that’s good, that’s nice. I then asked Austin for his supervisors name and contact number. Austin was very rude to me stating I don’t have a supervisor. I asked Austin if he was the owner of the franchise and he told me no. I then informed Austin I would like to know who his supervisor was. Austin stated to me I’m not giving you any information because I don’t have to. Austin then walked away without provided me with his supervisors name and contact information.

Prior to this incident my daughter went to work at 7:00 that morning she hadn’t ate nor did she have a break. Vonda made it to work at 10:00 AM, however, it was Tina’s shift. All of the employees are told they have to eat before 11:00 AM. My daughter told Tina she was hungry around 9:00 AM and Tina told her she couldn’t go right now because she wanted her to fill in for something she was doing. According to my daughter Tina is a very lazy worker wanting her employees to do everything for her. My daughter never did get to eat as she was refused a break.

These young adults are graduating seniors, 16, and 17 year old’s who is just beginning life and they shouldn’t have to go on a job where the environment is hostile due to their skin color. It’s now 2020 and everyone should be treated equally.

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Suggested solution:

A manager above Austin needs to pay a visit to the restaurant to find out what's going on and why all of the African American kids have quit. A manager needs to speak with the remaining employees at the restaurant as well so they can speak their voice.

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