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Your E 4th pl. and st. johns vancouver, wa. store has continually lied about available menu items. I have had many negative experiences but I am finally so pissed off I am complaining. Its bad enough when the order is wrong, items left out, attempted to short change, the food dried out from sitting under the hot lamp, but what really bothers me is when I want to order something and its not convenient or they are too lazy and I have been told the item is no longer available when it is clearly on the drive thru menu list and the online menu. This no longer available excuse is not an isolated incident. This time it was bacon grilled chicken ranch salad. I have ordered salad from other McDonalds locations but they are not conveniently located. I purposely checked the online menu before paying someone to go .get my salad. I am a senior citizen and cannot do these things on my own so now not only am I still hungry with nothing to eat, but the money I paid for someone to pick up my order was wasted. I also have a restricted diet due to health issues so I can’t order just anything.

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That is your job to figure out, not mine.

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