McDonalds complaint: No employees leaving people stuck in the driver way for an hour

on 12 September 2022 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

This is on the McDonald’s by the Walmart north 98. Had 20 cars just sitting in their driveway. We were all stuck for over 50 minutes without moving at all. I called them, they said it’s gonna take even long and you’ll be sitting there. Everyone eventually backed up so we could all leave. As someone who goes to this McDonald’s frequently there are too many times where there is a staffing issue. The guy I called said he tried to tell his manager but also said she wasn’t there when I requested to speak to her. Y’all need more staff or to shut down the lobby and second line. It’s absolutely ridiculous for people to get stuck in a line for that long!
And don’t worry I won’t go back so I don’t put myself in that position again. My kids will just have to learn to like somewhere else cause I’m not going to put them thru your messy drive thru again.
Shame on me for giving y’all business.
Wish I would have got a pick of the line and the clock but didn’t anticipate such a fiasco.
Shame on y’all.

Suggested solution:

There was nothing resolved.

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