Complaint: Franchise Owner implied i was trying to steal

on 19 March 2020 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I went thru the drive thru and ordered a large diet dr pepper, a large OJ and a side of scrambled eggs. I paid with my credit card at the first window. When I got to the 2nd window, the employee, who I found out was the owner, couldn’t find my order on the screen. I told him what I had ordered and he sneered at me and demanded to see my receipt. He was VERY rude and condescending. I also felt his attitude racially motivated (I am s caucasian woman and he is a Hispanic man). When I told him I was upset at his behavior, he flicked his fingers at me and closed the window in my face.

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A company should never have a franchise owner who treats people in such a biased manner!!!! McDonald's should take his stores from him!! I can't imagine how many people he's done this to who haven't said anything. He should at least have to apologize to me for implying I am a thief. He shouldn't be allowed to work in his stores!! McDonald's corporate should also call me an apologize for the behavior of their franchisee and let me know what they are going to do about him.

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