Complaint: Items missing from order – continuing problem – Modbury and Para Hills stores in SA

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I am in the unfortunate position of having to make a formal complaint against McDonalds. Recently the quality of the food and the service provided (especially delivery via Uber Eats) has deteriorated to unacceptable levels. Most recently food purchased from the Para Hills store (early October) drive through was inedible (half a piece of cheese on a burger) and an order received from the Modbury store (14.10.21) was delivered with half the order missing (not the first time) and the chips that were included in the order appeared to have been thrown in the bag and were all lose. The standard of the presentation and service of the food has deteriorated markedly to the point where I no longer have confidence in the quality of the service, food or receiving the correct items in my orders. To put it bluntly its simply disgusting. A further point to note is that whilst the burgers used to be of a reasonable size they appear to have shrunk by approximately 30%. For a business that has taken pride in its food for many years it is very disappointing that they have let the food and service deteriorate to such shockingly low standards.

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I believe the fault lies with lack of training andor supervision of young staff. it appears that there is a that will do or I don't care attitude amongst a large percentage of the younger employees. The poor service appears to occur mostly at busy times - around dinner time and on weekends when a large percentage of younger staff are rostered on. Perhaps also a review can be undertaken by McDonalds as to the size and quality of the food that is being offered for sale. It is simply, not what it used to be.

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