McDonalds complaint: Ghetto night Manager

on 15 March 2023 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

After waiting at drive thru menu board for 23 minutes trying to order being told to hold on a few seconds every 5 minutes a car goes around the line goes to window and they take her order I pull up behind car get to window was told that to order at menu. Asked to speak to manager she didn’t want to come to window making faces she started yelling from office and said it was an Uber order that added to order but that was not the car that was in front of me while in line. Also said we’ll they spent $60. Clearly that is only 5 meals. We spend $60 to eat every time e go. Mgr said you want to order or not Dickhead. Yes this is what she said. I told her was going to file this complaint then she said Fuck You Asshole. Not making this up. Letting McDonald’s know what kind of people they are trusting to run McDonald’s. I have been the GM of 3 restaurants and this would never be allowed or tolerated especially from our management staff. It would definitely prevent them from any kind of decent reference from our establishment. McDonald’s today is no where near what I remember it to be 30 years ago or even 5 years ago. I will be complaining to every McDonald’s complaint headquarters that there is yelp bbb Texas workforce and every social media site until this is handled appropriately. Maybe should start with the local news on television. That is all for now.

Suggested solution:

I don't want to cause anyone to lose their employment but she stepped over the line. And would like a formal public apology. Every time we have gone in the past year has gotten worse then the time before. Wrong orders and employees ate to busy talking about after they get off to other employees in front of customers not paying attention being rude and getting simple orders wrong.

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Sunny D
Sunny D(@sunny-d)
6 days ago

It was a food pick up for a delivery driver sounds like. They aren’t supposed to go to the order menu speaker. If they did that your order you ordered thru Doordash or wherever would be late, and cold. And it would be pointless, as they will tell the driver to go to the second window. The order was already paid for. It’s the same as when the driver goes inside during open hours to pick up an already paid for delivery order.