Complaint: Free WiFi but no electrical outlet to plug in your laptop for recharging

on 20 October 2021 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I had arranged with the McDonald’s Store Manger of store 40135 at St Clair Ave West , located in Stockyards Walmart store, to use their Wifi for a little time. The Manager said it was ok. When I arrived two days later to sit down and use the Wifi, and buy a Big Mac, there was NO OUTLET to plug in my laptop for recharge electricity ANYWHERE IN THE RETAIL OUTLET OF MCDONALD’S. They had lots of cooking machines and so forth , but no electrical wall plug throughout the retail outlet . I spoke to the Manager about it and the Male Manager was not responding. I went to the customer service dept of Walmart to ask for help. They indicated to me that there was a wall out IN THE WALMART AREA OF THE STORE but, IT WAS NEAR THE CASHIER CHECKOUT SECTION AND i HAD TO SIT ON THE FLOOR AND RECHARGE MY LAPTOP. I asked for an extension cord so I could sit in McDonald’s and work an they said NO. I had brought my own but it was too short to reach the outlet in the wall located in Walmart and not in McDonald’s.
No one offered to help me , except point to the wall outlet and go there.
I sat on the cold floor for 2 hours working on the WIFI. People from the cashier outlets who had paid for items walked by me, inquirying why I was sitting on the floor and using my laptop.
After 2 hours , I called the GM for Walmart and ask him about the situation, He informed me that McDonald’s is a tenant of Walmart. The store is owned and operated by Walmart…
I never felt so humiliated in my life. I was treated poorly and was not happy about the situation.
I think that McDonald should be made obligated to provide at least one electrical outlet in their retail store operations since they advertise Free Wifi in over 11, 500 outlets …come and use it , but do not say that their policy is to have you stay for 10 minutes to eat your meal and another 10 minutes to check your email and go …….not fair to the customers …and Walmart is not correct in renting out a place with ‘no electrical outlets’……BOTH are being somewhat dishonest in their business dealings on the issue of ‘free Wifi .

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Suggested solution:

The should provide me with a FREE new Laptop ' that is wireless and doesnot need a wall electrical outlet I think they have them out now with the new Windows 11 system on it .
They should give me a promotional gift card to buy it.
I know they do not and have it available. I was polite and respectful when I was in their store , but I was very upset with the events that occurred.

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