Complaint: 4th time wrong order in the box with the correct order.

on 27 July 2020 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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On 3 previous individual occasions I went in, ordered a 14 pounder with NO CHEESE ketchup and onions only, and each time got full loaded 14 pounders. The first time I drove home and had to drive back. This past Sunday at the drive thru I ordered 2 sausage egg McMuffins, drove home found NO SAUSAGE in these McMuffins. Drive back to the store, got the shift supervisor Curtis with whom I’ve had previous problems. Ask him if he hired people who could read. He replied this happens from time to time. I replied it has happened the last 4 time in a row to me. He said I had no right to call his workers incompetent, I told him they’ve earned the incompetent title. He gave me 2 replacement, with sausage, called me an idiot and as I left I told him I’d file a complaint about him with corporate, again he called me an idiot.

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Suggested solution:

Severely reprimand Mr Curtis, have the store manager give possible new employees reading with comprehension tests. If I don't get a proper response I'll write a letter to the editor of our local newspaper documenting these 4 failed orders and horrible response from Mr. Curtis.

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