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on 29 July 2022 about Lyft in category Public Transport

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My complaint:

We were at the Pechanga Arena for a concert. As soon as it was over we went directly over to where our first Lyft driver told us to go to get a ride back to our hotel. I immediately got on the app and scheduled a ride. It kept telling me that it would be around 11:51 for pickup and at that moment it was 11:05. We took it and started to wait. Well about 5-8 mins later the driver dumped us. And we had to do the entire process over again. This happened 5x!!! And we were in a very UNSAFE area. There were these men at the bus stop threatening people with knives. By the time it was 12:10 we had been there an hour and NO RIDE. I went to my Uber app and got a ride right away. She showed up in about 7 mins. We didn’t get to our hotel until 1:00am. I have never used Lyft before, but I am not using them ever again. I am completely disgusted at their service.

Suggested solution:

They should pay for my ride at Uber. These drivers have a responsibility to pick up people. That is the exact description of the job. You don’t leave people just waiting there stranded. Especially when you don’t live there and you don’t know your way around.

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