Lidl complaint: Really Disgusted By Treament

on 21 August 2022 about Lidl in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I was in the Lidl store located off Old Keene Mill Road tonight (Aug.18,2022) and experienced so much humilation and threatening behavior from Veronica (the Supervisor) and the entire administrative
The incident started when this male cashier (who I had had problems and whom I had previously reported him to a store manager for rudeness and failure to assist me because I am handicapped) insisted that I put my bag on the counter and open my bag so he could see the 6 green ice teas and 4 salame snacks I had purchased. I have never had to do this for any other cashier when I shop there because the know I am a kidney patient and my arm is weak. This male cashier has a running history with me and he is always smirking and looking at me when I enter the store. I asked him to call a manager upfront. He calls Veronica and immediately she takes his side and did not listen to me.I paid for my groceries and decided to file a complaint because I am not going t0 feel threaten or harassed by a store employee. i am 70 years old and certainly don’t deserve this type of treatment.
When I went back in the store to get Veronica’s name, she immediately covered it with her hand and ran and came back with a bunch of white women surrounding me and threating me. One of them told me they would call the police. I told them I don’t give a damn who they call . This is blatant racism and harassment. I am seriously thinking about calling the state and federal division of their civil rights divisions. This racism is getting out of hand especially against an elderly black handicapped female. The laws also provide provisions for the elderly and handicapped. That entrance and exit door need repairing. It’s a safety hazard.

Suggested solution:

Fire that cashier for continued harassment and review the non-discriminatory polices with your staff.

Return your green teas to the original price before the epidemic.

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