Complaint: Over charged for Auto insurance

on 28 September 2021 about Liberty Mutual in category Insurance Companies

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My complaint:

I have had an auto rental policy for several years with the company. I have an exceptional credit rating that has improved over the years as being a customer. I noticed that my insurance policy amount continued to increase each time my renewal period approached. I once inquired how with the policy department, why I was paying $178.00 monthly on a 2016 Nissan Sentra. I did not receive a fair answer. I recently canceled both policies for my own personal reason, mainly due to my current financial. hardship. I have a balance left of: 89.51. I inquired recently if the balance can be voided due to my circumstances, and given that I was a customer for many years paying to much for auto insurance. I was transferred to a department to where as I spoke to a female representative who accused me of leaving the company for another insurance company. She started getting loud and speaking over me, when I asked her where she obtained her information from. I asked to speak with her supervisor. She replied in a condescending tone “no”. The call was then disconnected. I then called backed to explained what transpired and I was transferred to a resolution specialist. The account has been sent to collections. I am very disappointed in what is going on. I was over charged for insurance. After doing my research, ever competitor that I spoke to quote me a very fair price for auto insurance. In addition, when I first called in to inquire about pricing in 2017, the make representative I spoke to stated” we don’t let everyone obtain policy from our company”, which I felt was a form of discrimination. I disconnected the call from that rep, and decided to call back once more to speak with another rep, which the conversation went smoothly. That’s how I became a customer. I also banked with a certain credit union to which liberty mutual was advertised as a company for existing clients. It is very sad of how certain representative can maintain position within this company and our bias as well as very unprofessional.

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Suggested solution:

I would like to file a complaint on the customer service representative who raised her voice at me and made false accusations toward me as the reason why I left liberty mutual. I attempted to try to obtain her name, and the rep I spoke to states she did not see any record of who I spoke to last. In addition, I would like the balance owed on the policy: AOS 243 251 686 70 to be voided. In addition if the company does discriminate on who they allow to obtain policies , an investigation needs to take place in regards.

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