Complaint: Compensation denied for 6 weeks of lies and breaching

on 23 December 2020 about Lenovo in category Consumer Electronics

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My complaint:

This email is a formal complaint about the way ive been treated regarding sending a tablet back, 5 weeks ive been waiting, Ive been lied to, Ive been cut off twice, you’ve promised emails within 24-48 hours which never I never got

Lenovo breached UK Consumer Contracts regulation for distance selling, lied to me for 5 weeks about TNTs booking system being down, cut me off twice and ignored my emails and now denying compensation

Every time I emailed about the whereabouts of the emails from TNT you told me they are having issues with their booking system but when I contacted TNT they said they did have issues but these were resolved weeks ago

Joe told me on twitter: Hi, I see that contact from the courier was made by email on the 2711, 112, 212, 312, 412, 512, 612, 712. The emails may have gone to your spam folder. We are very sorry for the trouble and inconvenience that you have had. Please return again if you experience any problems with the collection. Thank you Joe

I have screenshots from my inbox and spam folder showing that no emails were received on those dates, in fact I haven’t received any email regarding the collection, the link was sent in a message on twitter

I was even told when I rang I could have an advanced refund, then when I rang 2 days later I was told that the request wasn’t even submitted by the advisor, 3 phonecalls were made an all 3 were recorded and uploaded to youtube,

All screenshots proving this are attached

I wish to seek compensation

Suggested solution:


Compensation denied for 6 weeks of lies and breaching
Compensation denied for 6 weeks of lies and breaching
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