Ladbrokes complaint: Staff askeing for my name

on 11 May 2023 about Ladbrokes in category Gambling

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My complaint:

I been a customer of ladbrokes for years i no staff diffrent ones around liverpool quite a few have vone so i go too the one whiston that my nearest one i was in there a few ago playing the machine one of the staff what was my name i said too the lady michelle i said too why do want my name she didnt give me answer i replied back have i done something wrong no reply then today went in today 10 may 2023 at 12 clock they were changeing over then that michelle and another women called clair rhen lady clair behind counter ask for 2nd name i felt a bit strange ask question like that i go play the machines put my irish on etc i have mental healrh problems so it keep calm playing the machines staff in ladbrokes are great staff but when there ask questions like that no too pleased i no the manager neil of the shop never had problem until a few weeks ago and today i spend money mind my own bussiness etc i was a customer of my huyton store all staff wore great plus u had one in prescot town centre etc didnt have problem there there only two close two me one at desebrook retail park l14 dont like that one get a ticket etc that why i go too whiston i have schifinarparionor etc i been takeing my custom so were else etc were i feel that i n
o get watched etc i just go in too abetting shop etc feel like getting a warm well come etc when go in too the one whiston sont get feeling any more so i go too corol in stead i told my partner when got home she said just dont in tgere any more it wrong what asking u so i keep out of the whiston one in future i keep my private life too my self .like i said go else were now then they cant ask any more questions then i wont feel offfened etc there loss not mine

Suggested solution:

Just get staff do there job get paid too do ask question about a customer who been with ladbrokes for years

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