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on 02 March 2022 about Khaadi in category Fashion

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My complaint:

I am a very loyal customer who has ordered numerous times. On this occassion i ordered three black kurtas (order: UK-000372676). They arrived later than i had liked no fault of theres so i had no need for two of them. I kept one which i had exchanged sizes for.
The other two were unopened , not tried on and returned. I later get an email with images of marks on the two kurta and told they will not be refunded. I have asked for photographic proof that those kurta were sent unmarked as i explained to Anil over the phone that i had not opened the packages hence did not raise an issue with the kurtas. I was told all their clothes go through extensive checks before posting.. i have asked for proof as the kurta i have kept and tried on had no marks on and main thing was i did not even open these two packets. Anil then became very rude and started talking over me. At this point i asked to speak to a manager he point blank refused me that right. I then asked to be put through to the complaints again he refused.
I rang again and went to their complaints department and spoke to a man named Mustafa. I asked if i could speak to a manager regarding my treatment he also refused. After voicing what my rights are he said he would email the manager and get him to call me this was 28022022. I asked how soon should i expect a call back he said he couldnt tell me. I have now called back again two days later after not hearing anything and Mustafa answered again. He didnt verify my details when answering my call i asked of i could speak to the manager he again refused and said he is unavailable and that he had logged my complaint and the manager will be in touch soon. I then asked if i can have the reference number to my complaint, he was unable to answer that and told me that he had actually sent an informal email to the manager. I then went to ask for the managers email so i can directly email the manager to which he denied and said no. I asked for the managers name. He said he couldnt give me that name. This is absolutely appalling, they have every policy available and enforce their consumer rights but where are any customer rights. Someone has tarnished those clothes to get out of not refunding. They are not willing on listening and point blank refusing to look into the matter. I have been blatanly fobbed off and lied to and to think this is supposed to be a well established company shipping their clothes worldwide is behond belief. They are getting away with too much and then need to be held accountable as no one you speak to over the phone is in the least professional,

Suggested solution:

The minimum that i would like is for my refund to be honoured.
My order number to be looked into as i believe they are fobbing me off with an item
Off their shelves that have been marked by passing bu customers in the shop as I did not open the seal of the items so they were untouched. I was told they pack in a room
With cctv so this can be checked when my return was received

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