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on 27 July 2020 about KFC in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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To whom it may concern,

On July 26, 2020 ; Sunday after church ; I visited the Kentucky Fried Chicken in New Castle, Pennsylvania, at lunch time.
Going through the drive in I asked about the 12 piece bucket and what was in it,
Then I ordered the Original Recipe chicken and pulled around to the window.
At that time I handed my money to the girl and then she informed me , would it be alright if they would substitute some of the Original Recipe with the Extra Crispy because they did not have it all in the Original Recipe. Having been down this road before, several times on different occasions; I asked how many Original Recipe did they have, (my wife sent me for Original Recipe) and she hesitated for a moment and said two (2) of the white meat is all we have.
I said one minute and called my wife and she said NO absolutely not , you see they have done this before and never seem to have one complete order in the Original Recipe.
I was on a time schedule and this is what my grandkids asked for: I asked for my money back and told them I would purchase elsewhere but not from KFC.
I did purchase a 16pcs. fried chicken up the road from Giant Eagle Grocery Deli, which were larger piece’s, at a much better price and very good.
During your next management brainstorming meeting, you may want focus on the product that your establishment serves and what the customer wants; instead of just the bottom line.

Thank You
G. Richardson

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