Complaint: Lied to about a ‘successful $8500 withdrawal’

on 18 May 2022 about JackpotCity in category Gambling

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My complaint:

Hello, as I had been playing Roulette on and off at recently, I have fortunately screenshot almost every single win I made, proving the date, time, amount, total funds at given time and even the dealers themselves.

I have never had a major issue withdrawals over the 1.5 plus years playing with them, however, i had a large accumulation of funds and (first time ever!) And decided to withdrawal $8500. This is the largest amount I’ve ever withdrawaled. I do have a screenshot of the successful withdrawal aswell! So I wait the few days as normal, to receive an email ing, then a password, then a link to open the sent funds, use the provided password and make the deposit. Except with this particular withdrawal ($8500 in April 28) I never received a notification of ANY kind at all. I figured this seems strange, perhaps because it’s a larger amount ? I should inquire, so I proceed to the live chat assistance and they say they do not see a withdrawal of $8500 at all. Hmm, so I tell the live chat I have a screenshot photo of this withdrawal, may I present it to someone to show this did happen? They then provided me with an email address lobbyfeedb when I present tje se info to this person, they responded 5 days later with your withdrawal was successful on April 28th shown going to an account alled much better and if I needed more assistance to go back to live chat.

As I continued to plead with them that I do not and have never had anything near this so called ‘much better’ account that it is not associated with me at all and this should be able to prove by looking at my 1 and only associated bank account with jackpot city that it is not mine. There has been am error here, and I can prove through my bank account statements that I DID NOT receive anything from jackpotcity. Furthermore, if they claim I received it, where was the ation email? Or the password, or the money transfer link itself??
They have NOT once responded to anything I have said, the last thing literslly they have said to me is if i needed further assistance to contact live chat.

This is disgusting and extremely unproffessional acts of any major companycasino.
The stress and damages that this ripple affect has had on me is immense. Missed, lied to and ultimately cheated to be left in the dark.

FYI I have screenshots and saved emails backing up every honest word of my statement of situation I am in.

If you can please help in any way I am much appreciative,

Suggested solution:

They should A) communicate to the loyal customers
B) MAKE right of my situation and look into where they claim they sent $8500 to, and send me a link for my $8500 that's rightfully and legally mine.

Lied to about a 'successful $8500 withdrawal'
Lied to about a 'successful $8500 withdrawal'
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