Jack in the Box complaint: Horrible customer service

Complaint from Makeitrightnow562 reported on 25 January 2024 about Jack in the Box

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My complaint:

I was at the drive thru intercom and was placing my order. The guy spoke regular English when he asked if he could help me. Then he began to make weird noise. I heard laughter then a woman began to take over the order . I asked her why was the guy playing. She said oh he can’t speak English. This was not true because he speaking regular at first. I drove to the window and they both are laughing. I don’t see anything funny. If my daughter wasn’t hungry I would have just canceled my order. The guy was very unprofessional and I am very dissatisfied with my visit.

Suggested solution:

They should definitely talk to both workers. Their behavior was very unprofessional. I feel I should get reimbursed for my meal and it should come from their check since they think behavior like that is ok and funny.

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