Complaint: Canceling a Reservation and ADA Discrimination

on 28 July 2020 about InTown Suites in category Hotels / Motels

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My complaint:

I’ve been staying at InTown suites for three weeks at a location where we still continue to go through nothing but problems with the staff in regards to my service animals. I’ve booked reservations on several occasions and also verified my stay and departure to be told oh well when our family arrives that overbooking is the issue and I’m sorry. Well placing Hollis on my cc for my stay and three weeks later two weeks hold is still there. Two weeks were canceled by the employees of this location.and told us us oh well tough lick not their issue. Well being a customer we are your issue. And we have to drive thirty min to this new location that we booked ourselves that right no compensation or help. Two weeks in a row. Reserve something bc it’s what you have as a hold or wait. Second the hotel in Chesapeake has done nothing but berate and bottle us because of our service animals. Demanding paperwork proving they are service animals. That is a direct violation of the ADA law. I do not have to provide nor show any documentation nor do I even have to disclose that I am traveling with my service dogs. Virginia law states they only have to be harnessesed or vested while in public. The management has demanded to know what my and my fiancé’s disabilities are requiring them and I refuse to tell them. It’s not their business at all and I’m not required to by law. Just because they can’t visibly see my disability doesn’t mean that gives them the right to belittle me in from of other customers or at all for that matter.

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Help would be nice. Having a corporate manager contact us would be better.

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9 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about InTown Suites

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