Complaint: Lying customers and penalized shoppers

on 29 December 2020 about Instacart in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

Yesterday, I delivered a 6 unit batch from Meijer in Camby, IN to Lytisha in Indianapolis. Every single item they didn’t have, we communicated and she chose her replacements. However, she lied and said two items were missing. I sent a photo from the door of delivery before I could complete the order. If instacart was any reputable company, they would have these conversations and photo accessible to view. Not only did she lie, but she also gave me a 1 star rating. Which, in turn, dropped my overall rating. Now, I’m not seeing half the batches I was previously. So, I know I’m being punished by instacart. Which is NOT fair! I reported her for fraud, but from what I’ve been reading other places by other shoppers… Instacart doesn’t do a thing about these customers lying. So, the only person who pays for it is the shopper.

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Suggested solution:

Remove the BS missing claim for ice cream and waffles, remove the bogus rating, look at the evidence they should have... Conversations and the delivery photo... And remove her from ordering again. She's lying to get free stuff and I know it!

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