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on 23 February 2021 about Instacart in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

Within days Batches haven’t been available and I have contacted the Instacart agent to check and help me find out the issue with my account. Also, I was sent another Instacart credit debt card when I have not requested the card missing or lost and contacted Instacart help about this.

On Monday, February 22, 2020 my account appears to blocked. I have contacted Instacart help to find out what was going on with my account with a profile photo being sent to me every week. This has been an on going process with my account.

Please note, my phone is on the Instacart app which can be verified on the Instacart app, that the account is linked to my phone.

A few minutes later my account was deactivated and received this message “ As a result, your shopper account has been deactivated and you can no longer provide services on the Instacart platform.”

I was being kicked off as a shopper before I could write a reply. When replying to the trust and safety the person wasn’t friendly.

I’m writing to Instacart help before this issue happened as my account could not be in used.
The second email I have given my ID a photo I just took of myself. I received a unfriendly email titled” Refrain from Messaging”. Including in the email We will no longer respond to any more of your requests on this topic and we request that you discontinue sending additional communications.

I am the only one that is using my account. I have high star ratings.The must be an error.

I did not get a choice to explain myself as a deactivated decision was given before I could.

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Lbc (@guest_3919)
9 months ago

Can you get another Instacart account once you have been deactivated or