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on 03 September 2022 about Instacart in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I completed a $40 batch this evening. Once I checked out I hit start delivery as always. It took my phone 10 minutes to transition to the address. I had to cut my phone off a couple times in order for the app to work. I was 5 miles from the location and received an email stating your account is under review. I tried contacting instacart to see what that was about. Which was unsuccessful. Suddenly I started receiving other batches pop up. I tried contacting instacart again. After waiting for several minutes the rep informed me that I had no open batch on her end. I said to her ma’am I have a trunk full of groceries and the receipt. She said for me to refresh my phone. I said to her if I do so we will get disconnected. In which we did. I had screenshot the batch details so by then I was pulling up to the customer. I arrived and knocked on the customer door no answer. I tried contacting instacart again which took another 12 hour. I was then informed the customer had canceled and that I was supposed to take the groceries back to Food Lion ASAP. I informed them that this didn’t make any sense I chatted with the customer throughout the shopping process, I checked out and was literally in their yard. Instacart gave me no details until I started getting upset. They kept mentioning that they would give me a bump increase of $10 since the customer canceled. I shared with them that this is by far not right. I drive 12 hour to the store and 12 hour to the customers home, then had to drive another 12 hour to return the groceries. And that this is not right for customers to cancel right as the shopper is headed to their home. When I asked why I received the email about suspicious activity on my account and what did that mean. Both representatives said they had no idea and that it should be resolved shortly. The last rep I spoke with said every now and then shoppers get their accounts reviewed. Which still didn’t make any sense just because last week instacart gave me the platinum membership because of me being a great shopper. Every other day I have complained to them about the technical issues with the app and how I tried to accept batches and on my end it says batch accepted by another shopper but the whole time my information is present without me knowing. I sent a screenshot of that earlier to a rep and because of that I had to cancel again. Instacart reps are not helpful at all. I was cheated out of $40. These customers do what they want and it’s not right to some of us good shoppers. Now my account is being reviewed and for what I don’t know nor does the instacart representative which is sad. When I spoke with one earlier she mentioned oh. It’s no big deal and you will still be able to shop. Now it’s showing I will not be able to shop until after 5pm tomorrow. Instacart need to do better.

Suggested solution:

Figure out the technical issue, and give me the $40 they owe from this batch and the $18 from me having to cancel because on my end the batch was not showing. They also need to let shoppers know the reasons they are doing such things like reviewing your account. I want to know why all of a sudden.

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