Complaint: Improper Rate Tariff Results in Over-payments for 20 Years

on 04 February 2021 about Indiana Michigan Power in category Energy Companies

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My complaint:

– I have been living at the service address for over 20 years.
– I recently received a survey regarding my business needs to allow IM Electric plan for the future.
– I called IM Business Group and asked why I received this survey, since I live at the service address and am NOT a business.
– The IM representative told me that I AM registered as a business (Tariff 215).
– I requested a change in my service address classification to residential (Tariff 15).
– The representative created an order of investigation ( 0426869240) to verify that there is not a business at the service address
– I then asked about any reimbursement from IM for me being classified as a business rather than a residence or the past 20 years.
– The representative told me he did not have the authority to offer restitution, but that I should call back to request to speak to a supervisor.
– I called the Business Group twice and was unable to speak to anyone who could answer my question re: restitution and that any difference in Tariff 215 and Tariff 15 as minimal and that IM would probably not offer reimbursement for any over-payment.
– I then researched the difference between Tariff 215 and Tariff discover a small difference in the kWh, but a $4.00 per month difference between the to tariffs.
– This is indeed a small difference in the monthly bill; however it amounts to over $1,000 for the 240 months in which I was overcharged.

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Suggested solution:

- I have been faithful in paying my electric bill for the past 20 years. I humbly request IM (a multi-million dollar company) to reciprocate and faithfully reimburserebatecredit my account for this obvious over-charge that has occurred for 20 years.
- I am certain that if I owed IM Electric over $1,100, they would use every resource available to ensure pament.

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