Complaint: How Humana treats it’s customers, or how they turn people into junkies.

on 09 October 2019 about Humana in category Insurance Companies

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My complaint:

I moved to Delray Beach, Florida 5 years ago, since my time here I had 8 back surgeries and 2 total knee replacements, I have been on medication since then. On March 5th 2019, my younger brother died, I went back to Pennsylvania to take care of the funeral and his estate. Came back 2 weeks later. In June I get a call my parents (both in their 80’s) needed some help. My father had fallen and my mother tried to catch him, he fell on her and broke her hip. Now I have to go back to Pennsylvania to help them for 3 weeks. So I call humana and they give me something called a prescription override, so I can have enough medication until I get back, great. Fast forward to October, I decided to move back to Pennsylvania to look after my parents. Bought a house, have closing on Oct 15th. I get a rental truck for Thursday Oct. 10th, leaving early Saturday morning for the long drive back. Problem, my medication will run out and humana will not give me a vacation override, they say they will not do it more than once in a 12 month period, which was never explained to me before. I will be here on Oct. 11th, I cannot refill my prescription until the 14th, 3 FREAKIN DAYS! I was on the phone (over 4 ½ hours) and went to the local humana office to straighten this out. Their solution as told to me twice. On Oct 15th, after closing on my house in Pennsylvania, I should fly back to Florida just to refill a prescription. Are these people crazy? All I wanted was to have my prescription filled 3 DAYS early so I can move, they denied it. I even went as far as to call ahead in Pennsylvania to a pain center, but could not get an appt. until Oct 30th. So from the 15th to the 30th, I will have no pain medication. Pleaded with humana a for the 3 day override, they will not budge. I do not know what to do, I cannot have a script written in Florida filled in Pennsylvania. I will be without meds for 15 days and humana does not care! This is why people turn to getting other forms of help, weather it be legally or illegally. Humana is a heartless company and this is just a warning to whomever uses them, be careful, they do not care if you live or die.

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Just want people to know what kind of heartless insurance company they are dealing with.

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