Complaint: HR Block Website Issue

on 24 February 2022 about H&R Block in category Financial Services

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My complaint:

I have called your 800 over 14 times. I have spoken to several representatives. Your representatives have reset my account so that I had to start over from VERY BEGINNING and re-enter everything manually YET here I am STILL unable to proceed. I continue to get an error message saying: It looks like our program is having a problem. But don’t worry, we’ll take you back to continue your taxes. Yet everytime I hit the GREEN CONTINUE BUTTON it takes me back to beginning of my taxes and I click NEXT on each page, until I advance to the exact same page that gives me the exact same error message.

When I call in to 800 they tell me I need to speak to DIY online department. I speak to that department and they reset everything and i start over from scratch only to get the SAME error message. They then tell me I need to speak to tech support department but when they transfer me I am either 1) hung up on, 2) call disconnects, or 3) I hold for over an hour only to have the automated system tell me to continue holding for another 45 mins. This is RIDICULOUS. No one can give me the DIRECT number to tech support department. So i have to call the main toll free number, of which I get stuck in the automated system which when I follow the s and indicate tech support is needed the automated system keeps trying to help me reset my password or unlock my account WHICH IS NOT WHAT THE ISSUE IS. I am logged in to my account, I dont need anything reset, I just need you to fix your website so that I can proceed past the screen that I get the error message . But no one can seem to connect me to the correct department. In fact when I just called today and spoke to rep and asked for 800 that goes directly to that department they said they dont know any of the 800’s as they only have the transfer exts.

So she put me on hold to ask a manager and came back on the line to give me 800-472-5625 – WHICH IS THE MAIN HR BLOCK TOLL FREE NUMBER THAT I HAD CALLED HER ON!!! How does your representatives NOT KNOW their MAIN toll free number?! I called the local store- got automated message saying no one could answer call and to call toll free number. I call toll free number I go in circles being told I have to speak to DIY online team. I speak to them and they tell me I need to speak to tech support dept because there is issue with website. Yet when I am transferred to DIY online team they say they’re unable to help because it is an actual programwebsite issue. The part that I am stuck at is W-2 WagesSalariesIncome ProfileMy Summary at which point it gives me the error message which i cannot bypassproceed past. I have spoke to Customer Service Department Supervisor who has told me there is nothing he can do other than transfer me to digitalonline department. So here I am on hold AGAIN waiting to speak to DIY online team rep AGAIN after already being told there is nothing they can do because it isnt an issue with entering data or needing to reset accountwebsite, but instead an actual issue with HR Block website. I find it very disturbing that HR Block only seems to want to help me if I am paying $338 in-store filing fee OR upgrading to $59.99 online Plus option. At this point I DEMAND to be contacted by HR Block tech support team that can actually help me – OTHERWISE- HR Block needs to give me discount codecouponcertificate to have my taxes filed in the store for FREE. I have spent HOURS over DAYS over the last WEEK trying to do this. I am not incompetent. I didnt enter anything wrongincorrectly. This is 100% an issue with HR BLock website. If I do not hear back from your comapny I am posting on their social media pages, ALL OF THEM, filing complaint with BBB, and making sure every family member, friend, coworker and neighbor KNOWS how horrible this experience has been and HR Block’s failure to ensure the customer experience.

Suggested solution:

HR Block Tech Support Team contact me with resolution to their website errror. HR Block issue me gift certificate or coupon code for FREE in-store tax filing service so that I can get my taxes FILED since their online website is not working and their Online DIY DepartmentTeam is unable to figure out what the issue is and unable to connect me to tech support team that is above them.

HR Block Website Issue
HR Block Website Issue
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