Complaint: Glitch in NJ state tax program

on 16 February 2021 about H&R Block in category Financial Services

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My complaint:

I bought the HR Block software on Amazon, downloaded it and set out to prepare my taxes. One of the 1099 R notices I received was a total rollover of a 401K account- which should result in a non-taxable transaction. My federal return handled it correctly, no taxable transaction. I downloaded the state module for NJ and imported the federal return (including the subject 1099R) only to be greeted with a $5,000 tax owing to NJ – which is absolutely impossible since I have no other taxable income. I checked the worksheet and it incorrectly showed the rollover amount as taxable. I tried to override the worksheet but was warned that I could not EFile if I overrode the amount. This creates a problem, since NJ requires the return to be EFiled. I have spent over 5 hours on the phone (4 hours on hold) with HR to no avail – with the last call being disconnected on their end after 2.hours and 25 minutes. There is no place on the HR website to send anyone an email. The topics on their help site are for persons with no software or tax background.

Suggested solution:

I either want them to fix the NJ software glitch or refund my purchase price. It would also be nice for someone to contact me and explain how such a large company cannot hire sufficient people to address problems with their software. It appears they hired fewer people this year but raised their prices. Must be ANOTHER GREAT AMERICAN COMPANY

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