Complaint: False statements and misrepresentations re HP Instant Ink subscription

on 13 April 2021 about HP Instant Ink in category Consumer Electronics

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My complaint:

HP Instant Ink’s subscription is a horrible scam. Their site reads, in part, change or cancel anytime with no fee. https:instantink.hpconnected.comusenl

It is illegal to deprive someone of property that is lawfully theirs. Additionally, a company cannot coerce a customer to remain in business with them by forcing the customer to pay for a subscription that she does not wish to maintain.

I paid for my printer, in full, in August 2020. On April 12, 2021, HP Instant Ink deprived me of using my own printer because I did not keep up with their subscription. I was NEVER given access to HP Instant Ink’s rollover pages, 700 pages of which I have available, but have never been able to use. Note that I never exceeded my number of allowed print jobs since August 2020. In addition to requiring me to pay for this month’s subscription through April 28, 2021, HP Instant Ink further requires that I return the ink cartridges that they sent me under a previous, valid agreement that I had with them through the end of March 2021.

Because HP Instant Ink has deprived me of using my printer rather than deactivating my $11.99 monthly subscription to use my own property, I will not pay $11.99. At best, HP Instant Ink has engaged in coercive, bad-faith business practices because it is forcing me to keep a subscription if I want to use my printer.

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Suggested solution:

(1) Re-activate my printer because it is MY property. Whether I keep HP Instant Ink's subscription, which I will not, is my decision alone;

(2) Do not require me to return the ink cartridges that were sent to me under a previous, valid agreement I had with HP Instant Ink through the end of March 2021;

(3) Do not require me to pay for this month's subscription because HP Instant Ink has effectively deprived me of using my personal property—my printer; and

(4) Process my subscription cancellation as soon as possible.

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