Hopper complaint: they secured a full refund and didn’t

on 10 May 2023 about Hopper in category Online Services

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My complaint:

I request a refund for flights. I went to the hopper app and they want to charge for having”VIP SUPPORT” , I was looking for answers about how to get a refund. There was information that said I had to contact directly with the airline. So, I contacted Avianca and requested the full refund and was approved. But the days passed and my refund was not reflected. So I contacted Hopper because apparently the money had to be refunded through Hopper. I had a conversation with a hopper agent and she said that fortunately the host had approved the full refund and that she would advance an amount of money. I kept waiting for the rest and it didn’t arrive. So I contacted Hopper again by email because in the app they want to charge you almost $50 just for writing. And the second agent replied that it was a mistake by the first agent and that they had not accepted the full refund and that not even the airline accepted the full refund, how curious I entered my Avianca claim and it came out that it was approved and that the payment for each ticket was made successfully. I’m disappointed, the agent said “full refund was approved” I would like to know if I can start a claim or demand against hopper

Suggested solution:

Giving me a full refund.

they secured a full refund and didn't
they secured a full refund and didn't
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