Homewood Suites by Hilton complaint: Charged twice by desk agent refused to return additional payment

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My complaint:

We arrived at the Homewood Suites by Hilton at 1:30 AM tired from our long flight. The service receptionist didn’t find our reservation that was made on 02/25/2022 ation 84448489 and proceeded to register us on one of the computers telling us we were being charged for an overnight stay. We corrected him telling him we were registered from August 8 – 13 at which time I attempted to hand him our copy of the reservation costing $1,185.15, which he refused to accept. He went over to another computer and proceeded to register us for the dates we specified billing us the amount of $1,344.65.

We didn’t realize the price difference until I asked for an itemized bill at departure which I looked over while we waited at the Seattle airport. Waiting until I arrived home until I checked the receipts from our vacation, not only were we overcharged for the room, we were charged an additional amount of $237.00. At this time I called the hotel speaking with the assistant manager who kept repeating that it was an authorization charge dated for 0809 with the additional charge of $1,334.65 on 0813 for our stay. All payments were deducted from our account. We were also charged an additional $43.76 for our complimentary Cafe breakfast.

Suggested solution:

We will be satisfied when we are reimbursed for $440.28 which encompasses the overcharge of $159.50 for the difference between the original reservation and itemized charges, the additional charges of $43.76 for the free cafe complimentary breakfast and the $237.00 erroneous charge which have all been deducted and paid from our account.

Other than this billing mishap our stay was quite comfortable and relaxing. This in itself is the reason for the 3 star rating.

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Comment by poster of the complaint Extremely Disappointed by Homewood Suited by Hilton

1 month ago - This is a very embarrassing complaint for the supposed integrity of Homewood Suites by Hilton! I’ll think twice before making a reservation with this company.

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