Hays Travel complaint: False information of train and destination

on 14 September 2023 about Hays Travel in category Travel

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My complaint:

We felt like we were wrongly advised about our trip to Canada and New York..

We were put in a hotel in toronto pan Pacific for two nights in the middle of an industrial estate with nothing to do.

We were advised that there was nothing to do in niagara only to view the falls which was incorrect as there was plenty of tourist attractions and we only got one day in Niagra and would have really prefered longer or to go straight to niagra.

When we arrived room was not ready and was the also incorrect room that we had been shown which wasn’t the same shown when booked so had to pay for upgrade to a view room.

Also we were also incorrectly informed about the train travel we spent 9 hours on a NORMAL train with no views which we were promised this led to loosing 9 hours of our trip on absolutely nothing..if they informed us that the train had no views we would have flown instead..

When we arrived in New York we were put in a hotel away from everything which cost us a lot more travel expenses then given a tiny little room which faced a concrete wall with no view whatsoever.
This made our anxiety very hard to deal with as we booked a suite and this room was small and very claustrophobic

Personally we feel like we have been completely misled with false information which made our dream holiday disappointing. This holiday was a joint 60th birthday gift and its something we feel like we feel completely disappointed with and has cost close to £5000.

Suggested solution:

Contact discuss complaint and see what the outcome can be....as this was very disappointing

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