Complaint: Manager Lying to my FACE

on 17 November 2021 about Hannaford Supermarkets in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I bought several containers of Driscolls strawberries. They were quite red on the outside about the thickness of a layer of skin. On the inside they were pure white. Driscolls is obviously quick ripening these and deceiving he public. These berries are not cheap.

The manager looked me in the eye and said SEVERAL times that STRAWBERRIES ARE NOT RED INSIDE THEY ARE WHITE. What planet is this guy from ? He clearly did not want to EXCHANGE THEM as he should. I told him I am not going to argue with you. He was clearly trying to tell me the sky is purple and expecting me to take his word for it.

He ended up letting me exchange them but it was clear that next time this happens he will not. I have grown up with Wegmans my entire life. I am not use to this crap. If a product is sub par then it is refunded period. I even brought the bag of cut up berries in for him and the cashier who also tried to claim that strawberries ARE NOT RED INSIDE NORMALLY.

Well I am done with your store. I am a Healthcare worker and this is a small area. Our hospital takes in people from Oneonta and many miles around. I deserve more respect than that.

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They should not try to lie to my face. Every person on earth knows that strawberries are RED all the way through or the should be. These were pure white throughout the entire inside !!!!!!!

If I show you proof, then I expect a refund or exchange without the BS. I am at work now but will take a picture of the ones at home. It is ridiculous most of them are PURE WHITE throughout 99 % of the inside.

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