Complaint: Unsolicited ban

on 15 October 2020 about Grindr in category Social Media

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My complaint:

I have been banned from grindr on apparent grounds of breaking community guidelines. The reason stating spamming or advising to go to another link. I have never done such a thing. When asking for further evidence and requesting the ban be lifted they have said no. After advising of my mental health issues and the benefits of having access to such an app they have simply ignored me.

There has been no reasoning and I cannot get a clear response from them. They have made me suicidal at this point and refuse to help me. They won’t even tell me what exactly I did wrong or give me a chance to rectify the mistake that I dont even know I did. No warnings no nothing just straight away ban my account and tell me tough you will never have access again.

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Suggested solution:

Firstly explain in detail what I did wrong. Not just saying its community guidelines breaching. And then also telling me what I can do to resolve the issue and allow me to rectify the issue. As well as allowing me to be a loyal customer who is a paying customer and clearly willing to do better and look for advice on what I have done wrong so I dont do it again.

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