Greyhound Bus complaint: Lost luggage on Greyhound

Complaint from Maymane03 reported on 04 July 2023 about Greyhound Bus

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My complaint:

I lost my luggage on Greyhound on July 22 , 2023. I have filed numerous correspondence with customer service for greyhound . I have got several emails from their customer department. However they had never gotten my luggage back . I have all my claim tickets to claim my bags . I gave them to customer service numerous times . I always get the same response they are looking for my bags they will contact me when it is found . It’s been a year and still no response.

Suggested solution:

I feel I should be compensated for my luggage. I also feel more effort needed to find my bags then just by numbers . They never tried to call the station I went from. I went one of the stations I thought my bags were and the attendant was rude and incompetent. He had the audacity to tell me he knew how to do his job. I questioned a bag I saw in the baggage room and he insisted the numbers didn’t match I asked if I could look in the bag to see the contents and he responded I can’t let you do that . After I came 4 hours away to find my bag. My complaint has still remained unsolved and I am very reluctant to ride greyhound now . I never thought I would have this experience.

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