Complaint: Won’t post my deposit from my employer

on 10 August 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

I have been using my greendot card to get my paycheck deposited for almost 4 years now. I was out of work for 2months due to the covid. I went back to work 2 weeks ago with the same employer, but a different location. My deposits always come 2 days early which was on Wed. By Friday my check still hadnt posted so I called. After sitting on hold almost an hour I was told they needed a 15 digit trace number to track the deposit. I reached out to my employer and was given a 16digit number. I called greendot back to inform them that I only had a 16 digit trace number and could not provide a 15 digit trace number. They told me there was no way they could trace the deposit without that number that my employer had not sent it yet. My employer had sent it and was showing a delay at bank on their end. They had my correct routing number but had added zeros to my account number to make it accessible in their system. I called greendot back and told them about the extra zeros and asked if they could trace it that way. They still insisted the only way to trace it was with a 15digit number. I insisted on speaking with a supervisor where I was basically told the same thing. They were reading s from a screen and not really listening to the issue. I got a little angry and insisted that they either look it up with the 16 digit number my employer provided or by the account number with extra zeros. An hour after I got off the phone my money was posted on my card. Last week got my 2nd check deposited and ran into the exact same problem only difference was this time it was almost impossible to get a supervisor on the phone. I kept being told there was only one in the office, that they were busy, that they could call me back or I could try to call back and get to a different department. I had to call back 5 times before actually speaking to a supervisors. A few times I called as soon as i told them my issue the call was disconnected or I was sent to an automated message saying they could not process my request. 3 days of calling and was repeatedly told there was nothing that could be done when I know the money was sent there. I even had someone from my payroll department on the phone with them and got nowhere. I finally called back and gave them the trace number provided by my employer and left off the last digit so it would be 15 digits long just to get them to at least try to find my money.

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They should be able to look up my account number with extra zeros to see where the deposit went. It should not be so hard to get a supervisor on the phone and once finally reaching one be told the same thing as the specialist. They should do all they can to find the deposit. I know the 1st supervisor I spoke with was able to get my funds posted so I do not understand

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