Complaint: Two transactions That was supposed to be in my account from a California Kitchen Pizza Place restaurant

on 29 July 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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I woke up on July 28th and check my GreenDot card like I usually do in the mornings and found out that I had a zero balance when I had over $63 50 in because I catch lift rides to work and my money was gone so I called Green. Went through the s first of all they said I have multiple cards which I did not so I didn’t understand that second of all I get to somebody tell them they said I couldn’t dispute it cuz it was still pending so I kept calling back all day later on that day it went through. Or actually called the place in California and talk with the manager and she couldn’t understand it either so I kept calling green. Back green. Back survey coming on kept coming on coming on never got transferred then the phone breaking up then they act like they can’t answer then they picking up the phone dialing numbers so I started made me think it was somebody from them I’ve never had that happen that was my money to get back and forth to work so now I might just go ahead and be without a job because of that and they still doing the same thing cuz I’ve been calling him all day today just how quick is somebody can take your money off your card they should be able to quickly put it back on you don’t know everybody going through as a thing through this covid-19 and all of a sudden you want to take some money from people I’m so upset but like I said I talked to the lady at the California kitchen and she was trying to look and and resolve things too and she was going to put it in because I can’t understand who will order pizzas from Lorain Ohio all the way to some damn California Pizza in Los Angeles I’ll be damned if they fly a piece of down here where they going to do get on the trolley and ride it through you know what I’m saying don’t make no sense what you going to do UPS or FedEx it where they do that at

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They should resolve it by paying me back my money. Should I do, my money down to the Miller penny and I made that one up the Miller Penny that's funny but I'm not laughing right now for real because that's ridiculous and they did it at 12:09 in the morning I said what did they order with my stuff party wings and pieces of pretzel sticks who I mean what was it $47 for some pizza you knew you had a whole party and then an extra 13 what was that for a drink anyway that should resolve it by reversing my money like ASAP cuz I don't know how they work but some people have to try to get to work I'm a front-line healthcare worker at that so I appreciate to have my money back thank you

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