Complaint: Stole almost $8000 of my unemployment back pay.

on 19 September 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

I was displaced from my job due to a Covid 19 related issue. After months of waiting for unemployment to process my claim, I finally get approved to receive unemployment benefits and I think all the waiting and jumping through hoops to receive the aid my family is entitled to is over. However, thanks to Green Dot Bank, my nightmare was just starting. I instructed the Indiana DWD to deposit my back pay and all future unemployment benefit checks on my Green Dot card. Because it took DWD so long to process my claim there was nearly $8000 deposited immediately. When I tried to access this money, I find that Green Dot Bank had placed a hold on my account and I am completely locked out of it. I can’t even get check my balance let alone spend any of MY MONEY in order to provide for my family. After several hours of wait time and several more incidents of being disconnected after reaching someone at customer support, I finally am told my account was blocked because of the amount of the first deposit. Even after explaining the situation with the back pay from DWD, and offering to provide any proof needed of the legitimacy of the deposit, they refused to give me access to my money until I sent a copy of my photo ID (driver’s license ) front and back to verify my identity. I was told they would unlock the account and allow me access to my money within 48hrs of my sumbmition of this information. Reluctantly I decided to email them with the information, even though I felt violated by their demands for me to do so. I need access to my money now so what choice do I have have here, right? It took another week for me to actually get the information to them and obtain verification that they had received it. The first problem I encountered was the email address the man I spoke with from customer support provided is not a valid email address. So I went through the whole affair of waiting for hours and being hung up in multiple times to get another person from customer support on the line to tell them I had been given an invalid email address to send the information they are demanding to. After asking if I could please have an email address that actually exists and asking if he could get his supervisor to this, I was provided with the email address Immediately upon hanging up the phone, I tried to send the information to the new email address I had obtained. This email does not exist either. The only conclusion I can come to at this point is that these people are deliberately giving me 5he run around while they steal my money. As I stated before, I can’t even get a balance to my money is still there. If I were a betting man I would say its probably not. I searched the internet myself to obtain an email address that actually exists so I could submit the information they have been demanding yet making it impossible for my to provide with not one but two false email addresses. I finally found the email I sent an email containing the information they had been demanding in order to allow me access to my own money, called and went through the nightmarish process of getting Customer support on the phone to verify they had received this information. They said as they had originally stated, my account would be unblocked after I allowed 48hrs for them to process the information I had just provided. It has been almost two weeks and several more dead end conversations with Green Dot Bank customer support, since they told me access to my money would be given back to me in 48hrs. Not one person I have talked to in this time can give me anything remotely approaching a reasonable explanation about why I still don’t have access to my money, even after going to great lengths to provide them with the information they demanded from me before agreeing to do so. I am growing more and more certain as this nightmare continues that this whole thing has been some kind of game Green Dot Bank has been playing in order to steal my money and in doing so take good out of the mouths of my family. If this is the case, what is my next move. How do I not only get my money back but make certian Green Dot Bank is held accountable for what they have done to me and my family?

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I Want them to return immediate access to my $8000. Furthermore, I want them to be held accountable for several hundreds of dollars in late fees and penalties I have incurred from my debtors during the course of this nightmare they have created. If they are intentionally defrauding people out of their money as I suspect, I want them to be punished to the full extent of the law.

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Aaron Brucker
Aaron Brucker (@iwantmycash)
3 months ago

Their call center is located in the Philippines. The workers there have not even mastered the basics of the English language so I’m sure they know what they are talking about. WRONG…. That should have been my first light going off. Using a company that does not provide English literate CSR’s. And I’m supposed to believe they know banking. Give me a break Greendot

Tamra Harmon
Tamra Harmon (@tharmon)
2 months ago
Reply to  Aaron Brucker

that explains everything.

Tamra Harmon
Tamra Harmon (@tharmon)
2 months ago

i am having the same problem. i should have looked at all the reviews first before buying. walmart pulled them off shelf for awhile and now got different packaging for them.

Steven Shirley
Steven Shirley (@guest_2545)
11 days ago

They have done it to me as well I done a refund at walmart And They didn’t have enough money in the drawer to give me the refund I did not know that I could request a CSM to bring my money . So they said they would put it on my debit card which is a green dot card It’s been 2 weeks and I have heard anything it was for $659. Numerous phone call and no answers and the couple time I did get to speak to some they gave me wrong email to send a copy of… Read more »