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on 05 November 2021 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

Since Aug 2021 I have been trying to close an account, and receive the 5745.51 that is owed to me. I have been given several different case numbers, and with each new case number I was told it will take another 2 weeks to process. I have sent in all the required documents, they received them on Sept 14th. (This was the 2nd time I had sent them EVERYTHING.) I received a phone call on Sept 16th saying they received all the needed documents, and I would receive the check in 2 weeks. It has now been 21 phone calls, 2 complaints to BBB, 5 or 6 case numbers and the same excuse EVERYTIME. We are so sorry. It shouldn’t take this long. I will expedite and follow up with you.(never do) I will give you a new case number because the last one was closed. Once I give you this new number you will have your check in 2 weeks. What is your email address, phone number, and name again to make sure we have the right information. Etc. They have blocked me from the account (I had been taking care of it for 9 months prior), my brother before his passing tried to add me to his account and was told he couldn’t do that. It has been one run around after another. They have NO LEGAL ground to stand on. I met with the family lawyer yesterday. Gave him all the paperwork, notes, and everything pertaining to this case. He said if I did not have my check by next week he will be filing legal action because it is totally illegal for them to keep the money. I was told on 1142021 that she would be processing the check herself and I will receive it next week. I cannot stress this enough, DO NOT do business with this company. They have locked the account, gave me zero access to it, took money out of it since they locked it and have no reason why they have taken 3 months to solve this. Oh they try to say, I didn’t send in something but I have EVERYTHING copied, tracked and wrote down. Then they say oh yes I see we did receive everything. It is one big scam!!!!! If you have an account with them you should close it immediately and move to a better company.

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I want the check totalling 5745.51 mailed to me immediately! They have no legal rights to keep this money.

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