Green Dot Bank complaint: Greendotn is the parent bank to SBTPG bank. And they have defrauded me, no extorted my entire tax refrund

on 15 March 2023 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

I have filled my taxes nthrough turbo tax. They are partnered up with SBTPG bank. My return was sewn from the IRS to thiss SBTPG bank and they took their fees out of my refund and paid themselves and then never bothered to spend then remaining funds to me. They are a sister company of green dot. I want an explanation as to where my funds are being held and In want someone that is competent enough and has then authority to write a check out to me for the remainder of my return and mail it out to me. I am beyond livid right now. They have done this to several people and it isn’t criminal extortion. They should be prosecuted and held responsible. People are losing their homes becauase they weren’t able to make their rent or mortgage payments. Others have lost their vehicle because they didn’t have the funds to make the payment or the repairs.This is a catastrophe of epic size. Someone needs to hold these people responsible.

Please help us.

Colleen White
Email: [email protected]

Suggested solution:

By issuing me the remainder of my refund.

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