Complaint: fraud.. lies.. misrepresention.. theives

on 21 September 2021 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

lets start a year ago when i started on this card. ive had well kver 60 grand missing due to double charges, hidden fees, overdrafts i never wanted. my account was hack 3 times in a month in half stealing well over 5 grand. i begged and begged for rhem ro help i was refused and charged insnae fees for overdraft that the criminal had done. atm fees plus your atm fees. monthly fees.
disputes youll credit then reverse making accounts negative. i filed last month and you sent me a statement claiming i was getting almost 2 grand back i gor 1220. mind you my account was negative bc YOU REVERSED THE SAME DISPUTE then forced me to pay for it yet again.
I had provided oroof that these charges were taking place in nevada…WHERE IVE NEVER BEEN. i moved from Michigan to oregon and while in oregon my account was drained at casinos ( never been to one) Uber who ive never actually used. And atm fees so many. and was told they were authorized. by who? bc it wasnt me. i had to recently hire an attorney when ive went ober my last year of statements. ive been double charged so much that its unnatural. You stole government money from me bc i know it was you. Upu refused 4 times ro give me a new card. my husband is currently in dispute due to his stimulus being stole july 19 in nevada whilw we were in a federal covid isolation from then rill till August 15. 1400… to now his account is negative. i have become homeless bc of you. i trusted you as a bank and ethics. you meslead me, lied to me, harassed and threathenes, i havr proof of in july a man named kevin said i was a bitch andbhell keep the money now before handling up the phone. 20 mins later unnecessary charges happened.
u refuse to be honest and follow the fdic laws. you refuse to be a honest bank and you broke faith with us. you caused us so much emotional issues as well as health. being homeless bc of you brought on a rape rhat i had to endure. a year ive wantedto be done with you bc you havent payed us. now my attorney says the judge will side with me bc i have proof of it all

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Suggested solution:

i full total refund of all unauthorizedtransactions as well as all fees for the last year on my account and my husbands.
a formal apology and show cause as to why you let this happen numerous times

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