Complaint: Block on my account due to their mistake and refuse to resolve

on 27 October 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My name is John Coughlin and I am a college student at Rio Salado. This is my first semester. In order to receive my disbursement from them i needed an account and due to my circumstances of being homeless, no car, no phone i had no idea how to go about finding an account or an address where i could receive my funds. Again this is my first time as a student and first time dealing with having to get an account. A friend of mine mentioned prepaid cards but i didnt have an address so he said i could order a card under his family plan and it will go to his house and then i will have my own account. And thats exactly what happened. i received my OWN card with my OWN account number, submitted it to the college and they disbursed my money to MY account not luthers and the deposit was in MY name not luthers, nothing was affiliated with Luther at all other than being on the family plan. Well they froze my account and made me loose my apartment, i was finally going to have my own place and that was on the first on October, you can see how long this has been going on. Ive reached out via chat, via the verifymedocs email with all the necessary documents to prove who i am and they keep asking me every day for the same docs and they close my case and say they cant verify me and that i need to send copies of others peoples documents and their DDs and i dont have a clue what they are talking about or why i would send anyone elses information or how i would get it even. this was their mistake and obviously they dont have the skill set to look over a picture of a license front and back, a pic of me holding my license, my social security card, the bank card they issued me, the direct deposit information from the college and an email from the school ing the funds went to that account. how much more do i need to do, i was directed to file a small claims against greendot and i am looking for the securities officer or the person that is responsible for these mistakes. all i need is for them to unblock my money, take a few minutes to look over the documents and stop template answering me nothing has been resolved other than frustration and me living on the streets because noone wants to help. This is legally my money and anyone who takes a minute to look over the information can figure it out. i mean greendot issues the family plan to people and this is what they put them through? steal their money?

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unblock my account its been a month now and clearly it is their mistake to own up to

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