Goodwill Industries complaint: Young man beaten up enering the store

on 08 January 2023 about Goodwill Industries in category Non-Profit

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My complaint:

January 6 my friend took a donation to the Goodwill Store on West 8 Street in Greenwich Village. An African Ammerican man was standing near the door and told him to give the donation to him. My friend told him it was for the store. On the way out the man in the street called my friend some disgusting insults and punched him in the head and then reached inside his jacket. My friend pulled out his cell phone and the asailant ran away. When I contacted the store, the secuity guard claimed that he hadn’t seen the attack, even though he had a clear view through the window. And he called me and my friend a liar in a very abusive way. I then demanded my donation back and went to the 6th precinct and filed a police report. This is the second time this has happened and this Goodwill Store claims they are not respondible if their customers get asdaulted and harassed. This store is dangerous the employees are nasty and I will never go there again.

Suggested solution:

Goodwill should fire the negligent security guard and set up proper surveillance and hire a responsible security guard. Also therr was only one young man taking cash and managinh the store. For a storecthat size. There should be more emplyees working

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