Goodwill Industries complaint: False advertisement

Complaint from Teedoff reported on 12 June 2023 about Goodwill Industries

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My complaint:

The sign above the books said all books and media .25cents. when I checked my receipt I was charges $4.79 tax for a book that was on the shelf where this sign was located. I spoke with the manager and showed her the sign and she said that the sign wasn’t for good books they were priced as marked. I once again mentioned the sign and that it said all books, not done books or .25 and up and asked for the money back on the book and was told no that wasn’t going to happen. When I mentioned the sign should be changed or removed I was told new signs were suppose to be coming to the store. The sign said all books so I don’t see how 1 book was different and charged so much more. It was on the same shelf as all the other books

Suggested solution:

They should return the extra money charged and should teach their managers what exactly false advertisement means and how to treat customers with respect.

Goodwill Industries complaint False advertisement
Goodwill Industries complaint False advertisement
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