Complaint: Rude and Terrible cx service

on 24 June 2022 about Golden Chick in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I arrived at 10 pm at this location bc their website and Google maps page stated so. I arrive and the rep flatly states to order when I am ready and as I am about to he rudely stated that they’re closed and I could barely hear him on that terrible contraption and he raised his voice at me and rudely said “we are closed so I don’t know what else to tell you…” and I stated “this cx service sucks ass and you need to be coached in how to properly address a paying customer and not be rude,”
I would not waste my time filling this out but as one who has previously worked in this industry and in another capacity still works in cx service— I would have been fired for something like that. I wouldn’t have been so irate about the whole stupid thing had he stated and showed empathy and clearly that they were closed and to come by again tomorrow.

Suggested solution:

The rep I spoke to was in the last shift at this location and was a male. I would greatly advise and encourage his leadership to coach him on that bc if you keep him, I promise you he won’t last long and the last thing you want to do is piss your customers off. Do yourselves a favor and educate him in proper customer service.

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