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on 05 October 2020 about Giant Food Stores in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

Was in the store and was at self checkout the attendant I will call her was not very friendly in the first place when you walk up.

Checking out I had two orders todo. I didn’t have a cart was holding it all in my hands so I just put them all in the bagging area. She came over and seen I only paying for two items. So the attendant comes behind me and says is that all of your order “very rude and condescendingly” and I reply no I still have to get these things. I start my second order now distracted and stressed I rang up my items “I missed one because of this” I go to customer service to say something and the attendant proceeds to follow me there saying that with a copy of my receipt saying I didn’t pay for a item and “again in the most rude and accusing way possible in front of the lady at customer service and the people walking by” The lady at customer service was nice and seen what was transpiring and took control I gave her my bag and she looked said you missed this item after looking at the receipt and took me to customer service where I paid her for it and she apologized for the rude lady. This was Oct 4 2020 around 420pm-500pm

Now I want make this clear I am not upset over the attendant doing her job and making sure someone want not trying to steel from the store that is what should be done. My problem and what causes me to have to sit in my car and calm down because I was shaking was the way she treated me and her whole attitude and handling of the situation.

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Suggested solution:

Speak to the person and other employees about customer service and how to treat people.
There is a right and wrong way to handle a situation.

1. Same situation: Go to the customer and say excuse me sirmamma I think some of your items didn’t scan or are you doing two separate orders to pay for your items I be happy to help you with it if your having any trouble.

This would be polite and it’s none accusing but also letting them know if they are doing something they shouldn’t they are being seen and should correct them selves.

2. Same situation again after the transaction and prison is walking away.
Sir excuse me I believe one of your items didn’t read when you paid for your order. Sorry for the trouble I’ll ring it up for you if you like.

Common customer service practices are not trained in today like the used to be. They get some basic training and then are put out to work because it’s cheaper for the company that way.

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