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My complaint:

Constant problem of people taking grocery carts off premises leaving them littering our neighborhood. Ultimately I will go shopping at the store only to find no carts available. As I am disabled, I cannot maneuver the store with merely a hand basket.There is a security guard where the carts are located, but he fails to stop the carts when they are taken. They are consequently abandoned on our sidewalks in the Shaw neighborhood. I call the store location complaining about this ask for the carts to be collected they still sit for days. Sometimes I call repeatedly for several days before someone is sent to collect them. I have witnessed the cart theft culprits they are always residents of 1616 Marion St NW. When confronted, they yell back at me or ignore my request for them to stop this practice.

Suggested solution:

Have a system where the carts wheels lock if attempted to remove from property as do many other stores( Food Lion, Marshall’s, etc.). Security guards stop the carts from leaving premises. Carts require a coin system where $ is not returned without carts being returned. Something must be done. Giant is not being a good neighbor to us by allowing this. Sometimes the carts litter our sidewalks impede disabled people. I believe this violates the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Grocery carts
Grocery carts
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