Complaint: Fraud and illegal prices on Giant apples and humiliating and embarrassing treatment by assistant manager named Vince

on 30 August 2021 about Giant Food Stores in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

For 2 months straight, Giant was charging the same $4.99 price for it’s 3lb Fugi apples and it’s 5lb Fugi apples, but the 3lb apples were advertised at $3.29 and rang up at the register as $4.99. That is a fraud, false advertising, and illegal. I tried over and over several times a week for 2 months straight and the store managers did not fix it and said they would. They lied to me. And this assistant manager Vince embarrassed me and humiliated me in front of the produce department workers when I told him that I am on Social Security Disability and food stamps. I called corporate headquarters, filed a complaint with a very arrogant customer service agent and she lied to me because she said someone would contact me and they never did. As a result, I discontinued my business with that particular store including changing pharmacies. I personally will never purchase anything from Giant again. I only take my 79 year old disabled and handicapped Mother to another Giant store in Easton, Pa once a week so she can get salmon. We now do our food shopping at other grocery stores because of the incompetent, unprofessional, rude, nasty demeanor, and humiliation and embarrassment suffered by assistant manager Vince, and because of the extremely poor treatment I received by the corporate customer service woman who lied to me with a snippy, cocky, and arrogant tone.

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Because of the no response from Giant, I resolved it for me as I explained above. I no longer shop at Giant and I changed pharmacies too because I refuse to step foot in that store and see those false, lying, despicable managers( except Mike Ramos, he is good and was very helpful many times) and I apologized to the pharmacist Stacy and the Pharmacy staff for pulling out because the Pharmacy staff there is wonderful, but I explained that I didn't want to see the managers, so I cut the whole store out. Giant has lost thousands of dollars in business from me and my family because of your unprofessional and fraudulent dealings with me in particular. There are plenty of other grocery stores in the area that now get my grocery business and another Pharmacy gets all my prescription business now. Bottom line. Giant didn't care, I don't care! Giant can say goodbye to thousands of dollars a year from my family business including my pharmaceutical business. This is how a person should handle dealing with an incompetent, unprofessional, fraudulent, false advertising, do not care attitude filled with lies who is a farce and allows the kind of humiliating and embarrassing treatment from their managers(Vince) to me, now a former customer. So, as a result, I say goodbye to Giant forever!

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