Complaint: Wast pick up

on 14 June 2022 about GFL Environmental in category Public Services

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My complaint:

I called GFL mutiple time for a chipper truck to pick up our tree limbs.

The first call I was told I called too soon that I could only call 24 hours prior to our scheduled pickup day, which was Thursday so we had to wait til next week. I then called next week on Wednesday at 8:39 am and was told they would be there with our regular pickup and no one came. I called again the next day which now is Friday and was told that they would pickup on Monday…today 6.13.2022 and no one came again. I called again and was told they didn’t see us as being picked up and said would send to a supervisor again….now a supervisor (Diane) finally called me back at approximately 4pm and was do totally rude, condescending, impatient and dismissive. Our conversation was very unhelpful because for the 10th time I was told I would need to wait on her to send a email and for someone to call her back to call me. I informed her how unhappy I was and that those trees have been on our curb for over three weeks now and that our grass is dieing. She was very unsympathetic saying that they are very busy and mutiple reasons why they have not showed each time as promised. The call ended with Diane hanging the phone in in face. I called back mutiple times and she pushed me to voicemail. I am very unhappy with Diane’s and GFL service and hope the above is addressed. I can understand if they missed once but three times and no communication is just blatant ridiculous.

Suggested solution:

Picked up the tree limbs as promised

Wast pick up
Wast pick up
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