Complaint: 15 GMC Sierra 2500HD

on 06 January 2022 about General Motors in category Automotive

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My complaint:

I have a 2015 GMC Sierra 2500HD with the 6.6L V8 Duramax with 94k miles and it has a faulty headgasket problem i have joined a LML Facebook forum that is based on this particular engine code and there are multiple drivers out there that are having headgasket failures at 50K miles and also reporting issues with the CP-4 Fuel pump that GM went with in this particular year model Duramax Engine.

Suggested solution:

Issue a service bulletin recall and replace the faulty issues , i believe that if people purchase your products for 50k and up that it should be built with quality in mind i have owned numerous GM and Chevy products and previous Chevy Diesels with 250k on them and none have given me this much headache as this current truck that i bought from you guys GM. If there is no resolution for this matter this will be the last and only GM product i will ever buy and i will talk about the negative issues to everybody i know and let them know the quality of work that goes in to the products you sell to the public. Thank You for you time in this matter. Chip

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