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on 28 April 2021 about Frontier in category Telecom

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On March 17,2021 I received my stimulus check and decided to book a family trip to Disney world. I never was able to afford to take my children anywhere so I was extremely excited about this trip. I never been on a plane and neither have they we really didn’t know what to aspect but everyone was happy. I booked the trip through Expedia, This had to be one of the best days of my life seeing the joy on my kids faces. I booked the trip from April 22,2021 – April 25,2021. The airline that Expedia book us with was Frontier. Everything was perfect until it was time for me to return home on April 25,2021 things quickly turned into a nightmare. My plane was supposed to depart at 12:55 on Sunday however it was delayed for 3 hours which activated my anxiety. At 3:35 as we boarded the plane the pilot informed everyone that he was having plane issues that why he was late. I started freaking out and felt as if I couldn’t breathe so I asked to get off the plane and requested a refund. The customer service rep stated that the airline does not issue refunds however they could reissue me another ticket for a different flight but I had to stay in Florida for another night because the next flight didn’t leave until the following day April 26. So I had to scrape up some additional money for the hotel for the night so my family wouldn’t be on the streets of Florida where we didn’t know anyone. April 26,2021 comes along and I got to the airport 2 hours before time. I noticed that the new tickets that the representative provided to me didn’t have a gate number on it so I didn’t know where to go or the procedures to take. I found the service deck for Frontier and the line was looped around the build. I stood in line for a hour trying to find out where I should be. I got the gate number 30 before my flight was supposed to leave. I made it though TSA and had 10 minutes to get to my plane before the doors locked. I made it to the gate at exactly 10:49 and the doors where closed. I stood there with 6 other passengers who also could not get on the plane. The lady how closed that door before time came back to the desk and we asked to enter the plane she stated that it was to late and we should have been there on time. One of the passengers that was standing in front of me informed that we all been standing there before it was time to close the door. She called him a liar and refused to help any of us. As her coworker laughed at our pain. The gentleman asked for her name and she refused to provide us with any information or help. She gave all of us a piece of paper and advised us to call a number and stated that she was done talking. She was extremely rude and very unprofessional. I couldn’t believe I was witnessing this with my own eyes. I really thought we were being pranked. I was competed blew away by the treatment that we received and immediately rushed down stair to see if I could speak to a manger but it was like pulling teeth. The lady at the front desk stated that there was nothing she could do for me because they did their part and I didn’t fulfill my end of the bargain. I tried to explain to the lady that it was my first time flighting and I didn’t realize that the tickets the customer service rep provided me the day before didn’t have a gate number so I had to find out where I should have been. She stated to get loud and very rude with me. So I asked to speak to a Manger she stated that there was none available and give me the same paper the lady upstairs gave me. At this point I know that this is how Frontier treated there customers. I ended up flight with southwest in order to get home. I am requesting a refund for my trip back because had the plane been on time or I had a gate number I wouldn’t have missed my plane. I call the number on the paper that the rep’s provided to me and I got no where. spoke to 5 reps who refused to let me talk to a Manager or do anything to correct there mistake.

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