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on 19 September 2022 about Food Lion in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I purchase nectarines at $1.69 per pound and Hot House Tomatoes at 1.89 per pound. Checking out, nectarines were charged $3.99 per pound and tomatoes $1.99 per pound I told the cashier who disagreed but call office staff. We waited and waited, and I told the cashier I was going to get a produce person. I did see a produce person and asked the price of nectarines and he said 3.99. I showed the big yellow sign, and he took it down and told me to give to cashier. I also looked at the tomatoes and took that sign and went to cashier. Office staff was there now and told me I should not have taken down sign. I told her produce man gave it to me so I could show. She (young lady, long hair) so customers do not remove signs. I repeated my statement and she said to me, Do not speak to me in that tone. I am like, Lady, this has happened more than this time to me and now I wonder how many times this happens to other customer that are now getting ripped off every day. Againe, she stated, you will not talk to me like this). I told her I would take it up with corporate. Some man came up and apologized and stated the policy is if something is charged incorrect, it is free to the customer. I told them both I do not want it free, I just want to pay the corrected price.

Suggested solution:

Making sure everyday prices are correct. Againe, this is not my first time going to the office and showing them my receipt to pay the correct amount and getting my refund.

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